MSB’s Pregnancy Promise

If no pregnancy results after the purchase of 4 vials, we will give you the 5th vial FREE!

MSB uses only the highest quality sperm donors and freezing techniques. With an already high rate of success, MSB is proud to now offer a promise of pregnancy to our clients. If after 4 vials, you are still not pregnant, MSB will give you a vial for FREE.


  • Must purchase 4 vials at one time
  • Participate in 4 cycles of Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures at your doctor’s office within a 12 month period


  1. The patient must order and purchase at least 4 vials, at one time, of the same donor from Midwest Sperm Bank. The sperm ordered may all be shipped at different times, if desired. Additional shipping and storage fees will apply.
  2. The patient must also have at least 4 cycles of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) performed by a fertility specialist.
    — At home inseminations will not be counted as one of the 4 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures.
    — All ART procedures must occur within 12 months of the sperm purchase date.
  3. All failed IUI’s must be documented on the correct MSB form and faxed back after each unsuccessful attempt, to be eligible for the 1 free vial.
  4. The patient who is receiving the ART procedure must not have reached her 42th birthday by the date of the first ART procedure.
    — Proof of age will be verified by the physician completing the MSB required forms.
  5. If pregnancy is not achieved after 4 cycles of ART procedures as defined above, the patient will be able to receive one vial of the same donor semen at no cost. Vial shipping fees will apply.
  6. Shipping costs of the free vial will be the patient’s responsibility. Clients wishing to store purchased sperm at MSB until use will be subject to annual storage fees.
  7. There are no buy backs in the pregnancy promise program for any unused vials.
  8. All pregnancies must be promptly reported to MSB.
  9. The patient can apply for only one free vial.
  10. The client cannot combine the Pregnancy Promise with any other special offers through MSB.

Donor exclusions for this program include:
188, 216, 539